The Sambuca lake

A wavy terrain featuring soft hills on the Sicani mountains that surround the Arancio Lake in the Sambuca area, between the Resinata forest and the Tardara gorges, a canyon created by the Carboj river, the lake’s only emissary: a unique scenery, natural oasis of LIPU, in which the mild and fresh climate provides our grapes with an additional distinguishing element, enriching its bouquet of flavours and aromas with a unique character.

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  • Elevation

    180m a.s.l.

  • Varieties

    Grillo, Viognier, Grecanico, Vermentino, Catarratto, Moscato, Trebbiano, Cabernet Franc

  • Municipalities


  • Microclimate

    Precipitations: 522 mm
    Average Temperature: 16.6°
    Humidity: 52%

  • Landscape and biodiversity

    Terrains with a Southern exposure. Nature reserve. Reeds, white willows, rushes. Brown heron, Fish hawk, ducks.

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The Sambuca lake

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