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We consider the territory as a value, where we grow our grapes. We consider the community as a value because our biggest resource is our group of growers, who as a community take care of one great vineyard. We consider Sicily as a value, its beauty and uniqueness, its diversity, its aromas and stories, which are also all of ours. We consider sustainability as a value, which doesn’t only represent a goal, but it is a travel companion – on the road towards quality – with love for the land and looking towards the future generations.


Our territory is a great gift that we take care of every day. Soils, landscapes, climate, exposure, elevation and biodiversity: the natural elements that are perfectly balanced in infinite combinations over 6.000 hectares, creating unique conditions for each of the 30 grapevine varieties cultivated by our winegrowers. The deep roots strengthen the love for this land. 


There is a strong connection between the families, the territory and Cantine Settesoli: the heart of our community is here. The winegrowers are our strength: 2.000 partners of a cooperative with deep roots in this part of Sicily, which share their history with ours. The harvest is a family ritual, bringing the loads of grapes to the winery is a community gathering, a feast that is renewed every year thanks to the team work.


Here, the territory’s culture has become a common heritage: our wines contain Sicily and being Sicilian, which are a beauty that must be shared. An extraordinary island full of diversity: a miniature continent, with a microcosm that inherited a multicultural and millennial history. A stratification of lands and cultures that provide unique wealth, which we preserve in our wine and share with everyone.


A traditional harvest and wines produced with innovation. The methods and the people are what makes a difference: together, we reach our goals in terms of quality and for the environment. Sustainability is in our DNA, it’s part of us and the land, a valuable resource that we give back to, one drop at a time. 

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