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Sustainability is in Cantine Settesoli’s DNA, and is one of the pillars of the company’s mission. We work with social responsibility and pay attention to sustainability, contributing to the economic and cultural development of the territory and our community. 

Our commitment to the environment:

On the Wineyard

On the Wineyard

We have reduced chemical treatments on the grapevines thanks to a careful management of each phase of the production cycle. We prevent nuisances by implementing an integrated quality control system, and we are pioneers in new management techniques. We implement a conservative pruning through the Simonit&Sirtch method, and we monitor our 6.000 hectares efficiently through the innovative app Enogis.

Organic Grapes

Organic Grapes

Cultivating grapes organically is a spontaneous process used by our wine growers, and their vineyards grow in a territory naturally suitable for organic farming thanks to the particularly favourable microclimatic conditions. Today, the total surface of organically farmed vineyards is equal to 870 hectares certified by Ecogroup Italia, which accounts for 15% of the total surface and is constantly increasing.

In the Winery

In the Winery

We use technologically advanced machinery to reduce wastes, CO2 emissions and to guarantee maximum efficiency during the entire production process.

Eco-friendly Packaging

Eco-friendly Packaging

Over time we were able to reduce the weight of our bottles by 25%, in turn reducing the CO2 emissions caused by glass production and transportation. We endorse FSC certified suppliers, and our packages are made from recycled paper.

Active Recycling

Active Recycling

We recycle 100% of our waste products, we use bottles made with more than 60% recycled glass. We obtain clean water (98%) and mud (2%) to fertilize our vineyards from our purification plant.

Clean Energy

Clean Energy

Since 2008, we have installed 6.700 Sq m of solar panels on the roofs of our buildings, which provide 10% of our yearly energy needs.

Our commitment to the Community

  • Income for our Partners

    Over the past 4 years we’ve increased our partners’ income by 40% per hectare.

  • New generations

    Each year we offer 15 educational internships, and we work to make our territory a desirable work location encouraging new generations to come back to Sicily.

  • Tourism development

    We promote our territory and attract tourists from all over the world through activities such as “Settesoli supports Selinunte” and the “Mandrarossa Vineyard tour”.

  • Local resources

    98% of the resources we use are Sicilian.

  • Economic development

    We create an economic dependence that involves 70% of the 5.000 families living in the territory through our productive activities.

  • Transparency for the consumers

    Our numerous certifications guarantee the quality of our products.

  • Traceability of the production chain

    We track every step of the production chain from the vineyard to the bottle.

  • Traceability of the production chain


  • Premio Cooperazione - La guida essenziale ai vini d'Italia


    Premio Cooperazione - La guida essenziale ai vini d'Italia

  • Premio cooperative italiane - Weinwirtschaft


    Premio cooperative italiane - Weinwirtschaft

  • Prodotto Food


    Prodotto Food

  • Premio Gavi - La Buona Italia


    Premio Gavi - La Buona Italia

  • Premio Eco-Friendly - Vini Buoni d'Italia


    Premio Eco-Friendly - Vini Buoni d'Italia

  • Sodalitas Social Awards


    Sodalitas Social Awards

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