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There are five different types of soils that change this territory from end to end, creating an incredible tapestry of colours. Therefore, each grape variety is produced in its ideal soil, giving the wine a unique and unmistakable profile and an excellent quality. 

  • Clay-rich soil Clay-rich

    Clay-rich soil

    Its texture contains minerals, silica, iron and humus. It’s generally very compact and dense, with a high potassium content. The great water retention characteristic and absorption power, help the grapevine grow strong and healthy even during droughts. The wines produced from this soil are soft, extract-rich and with good acidity.

  • Clay-rich soil Limestone

    Limestone soil

    Rich in nutrients, it is among the best suited to grow vineyards. Its white colour reflects the sunlight, supporting the grape ripening. The right balance between rocky and clayey elements gives life to dynamic and structured wines, rich in minerals.

  • Silty soil Silty

    Silty soil

    It contains silt, sand and clay and has the ability to absorb water and gradually released to the pants’ roots. It’s a compact and versatile terrain, nutrient-rich. The resulting wines are light, aromatic and elegant.

  • Clay-rich soil Medium mixture

    Medium mixture soil

    It mainly contains sand and clay, which makes it permeable and very fertile, providing calcium and magnesium that are necessary for the grapevine’s nutrition. This soil produces elegant and full-bodied wines, with great persistence and balance.

  • Clay-rich soil Sandy

    Sandy soil

    It contains sand and is mineral-rich and rocky, ensuring an excellent drainage and capillary distribution of the water. The roots penetrate deep into these soils, which are easy to farm thanks to their lack of compactness. The grapevine that grows on sandy soils produces delicate and aromatic wines.

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