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Leader in Research

The constant attention to quality has led us to consistently invest in research and development, distinguishing us as the Sicilian wine-producing company leader in research. We started the revolution by creating a cooperative in Sicily that would bring together large landowners and small farmers. We also started the process in changing the territory’s traditional cultivation procedures, becoming pioneers in the bottling process, in international sales, while making green and sustainable choices. A cultivation and cultural revolution, which has shifted the attention from the quantity of production to the quality of the product.

The smart vineyard

We manage our 6.000 hectares using an integrated and technologically advanced approach: our technical team uses the EnoGIS system to collect and coordinate via web the essential data for a precise agriculture. The “smart” vineyard allows georeferencing, extraction of bioclimatic indices and calculating ripening curves in real time and on a wide scale, while monitoring the phenological phases of the vineyards directly on site, using a smartphone or tablet app.

Looking towards the future

Our constant pursuit for excellence is a daily process conducted by our technical team – Mimmo De Gregorio and Filippo Buttafuoco – supported by the guidance of Alberto Antonini, world-renowned in the field of oenology, Pedro Parra, Chilean specialist in soils and terrains, and by a team of researchers and geologists guided by prof. Attilio Scienza from the University of Milan. Through constant and targeted research, which starts from the land and the limestone soils, each day we learn more about the secrets and resources of our territory, and we work to obtain the maximum qualitative productivity from its rich diversity to produce unique high-quality wines. A project integrated in an innovative, exciting and research environment, which is not limited by isolated work programs, but it is a slogan that inspires each action implemented by our company, from the land to the glass.

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