17 December 2020

The partnership between Aeroviaggi and Cantine Settesoli is underway to promote the excellence of Sicilian wine production.

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17 December 2020 – The partnership between Aeroviaggi, the first hotel chain for accommodations in Sicily and Sardinia, and the historic Sicilian wine cooperative Cantine Settesoli has been launched.


The collaboration agreement, which is part of the process of enhancing the integrated tourist offer carried out by Aeroviaggi and is embedded in the logic of territorial development promoted by Cantine Settesoli, aims at promoting one of the production excellences of the territory, the symbol of quality and tradition authentically Made in Sicily.


The partnership involves the introduction of the winery's main brands, including the Mandrarossa top line and the new Wave line, in the food and wine offer proposed by Aeroviaggi within its facilities. Furthermore, the collaboration includes the creation of themed wine tasting initiatives within the Group's resorts, with different focuses for Italian and foreign customers. Finally, the contents of the partnership will be enriched by ad hoc training activities on the wine product as part of the training and refresher course of the Aeroviaggi Academy for the Group’s personnel.


“We are proud to launch the synergistic partnership with Cantine Settesoli, one of the most important producers in the Sicilian territory, which embodies the values of tradition, quality and excellence, representatives of our Made in Italy with which we identify – said Marcello Mangia, President of Aeroviaggi. – The collaboration, inspired by common intentions and a spirit of cooperation and based on shared origins, represents a precious opportunity to strengthen the concept of experiential tourism in which we believe and on which we are focusing through our integrated tourism offer. Thus, we enhance the journey to make it a more authentic and 360-degree pure Italian experience, not only from a landscape, cultural or architectural point of view, but also in terms of food and wine experience. This creates a series of activities and a virtuous circuit for the entire territorial economy, a driving force for the growth and increase of reputation of Made in Italy products, both in Italy as well as abroad.”


Giuseppe Bursi, President of Cantine Settesoli states: “The partnership with Aeroviaggi is the sign of the great importance attributed to teamwork by two historic but future-oriented Sicilian companies, united to create value and beauty while protecting, respecting and supporting this magnificent territory. The values in which Cantine Settesoli has always believed are those of an agricultural community committed to ethical management and the cultural and landscape protection of the environment. Even with these premises, we have always generously, yet carefully and consciously, shared the resources of our territory, organizing events and activities. Aeroviaggi gives us the opportunity to show the excellence that we represent in a broad and structured manner, letting both Italian and foreign visitors live a unique environmental, enological and gastronomic experience. The union between Aeroviaggi and Cantine Settesoli was therefore born to help create new transversal skills, necessary to make the excellence of Sicily known to the world, thanks to managerial, planning and organizational skills, cultural sensitivity and a deep knowledge of its territory and the tourism market that only companies deeply rooted in the territory and with an eye to the future are able to guarantee by working as a team”.


This partnership between Aeroviaggi and Cantine Settesoli was also made possible thanks to the proactive intervention of Unicredit as part of the collaboration agreement.






Aeroviaggi, with headquarters in Palermo, over 9,000 beds and 88 million euros in revenue in 2019, is the first accommodation hotel chain in Sicily and Sardinia, and the second national chain among Sun&Beach hotels (source: Confindustria's 2020 annual report on Italian hotel chains). The company has a targeted offer of villages, hotel clubs and resorts in its 13 comfortable hotels managed and directly owned, available for the international market and located in magnificent seaside resorts of Sicily and Sardinia.



Cantine Settesoli is the historic Sicilian cooperative founded in Menfi (AG) in 1958; today, more than 60 years later, it is one of the most important European wine cooperatives, exporting to over 40 countries around the world. With a vineyard area of 6,000 hectares and involving about 5,000 families, Cantine Settesoli is the economic engine of a territory that covers nine municipalities and three provinces located in this magnificent area of south-western Sicily: its marvelous vineyards, mostly organic, touch the beaches of the Mediterranean Sea, generating saline, savory and fragrant wines. Cantine Settesoli, through a message of innovation and quality with its flagship brands Settesoli and Mandrarossa, brings Sicily to the world.




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