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Community First: more value for the grapes and for our partners’ work

Our mission is to maximize the value of the grapes produced by our winegrowers, giving profitability to their work and maintaining the vineyard’s cultivation in our territory.
All of our activities have the goal of improving the quality of the grapes and to satisfy the needs of our partners.  

Excellence at the right price, worldwide

We sell quality wines worldwide, covering an array of prices and consumer segments, distinguished by an excellent price/quality ratio. 

Winegrowers 2.0, pioneers in quality

We constantly research quality in cultivation and vinification, where we are innovators and technologically avant-garde.

We produce wine, and we grow the future

Our organization is based on the people of our territory: we work for their constant growth.
We operate with social responsibility and attention to sustainability contributing to the economic and cultural development of our territory and our community.

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