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Mandrarossa was founded in 1999 after more than 20 years of studying the terroirs. The Mandrarossa wines are the result of constant research and experimentations towards innovation. For this reason, they represent a different Sicily, unlike its stereotypes, an unexpected Sicily.

From the hills of the south-eastern coast that reach the sea, to Etna’s black sands, Mandrarossa researches the best habitats that allow each cultivar to fully express its potential.

The study on the grapes’ behavior and the intense micro-vinification activities have led to the introduction of several wines into the product line, some of which, unique for the Sicilian panorama.

Indigenous Varietals

Fresh wines from native Sicilian grapes, which express the authentic aromas and flavors of a rich and diverse land.

Classic and International Varietals

Our interpretation of a traditional viticulture that finds a new identity in the territory of Menfi.


Unique and extraordinary grape varieties for the wine-growing panorama of our region which, in blend or single varieties, give life to new expressions of an unexpected Sicily.


One of Mandrarossa’s flagship wines, produced using the best selection of Nero d’Avola grapes.

Feudo dei Fiori

One of the greats that is renewed, in its soul and its aspect for Mandrarossa’s twentieth anniversary.

Feudo dei Fiori

Rediscovered Stories

From the Menfishire districts, to the vineyards at the foot of Mons Gebel, to the uncontaminated lands of Cossyra, an island swept by the wind, the wines from the Storie Ritrovate (rediscovered stories) product line represent the true essence of Sicily, pure and innovative.

Rediscovered Stories


There are moments that deserve to be celebrated. For these reasons Mandrarossa creates its Specialty line, making every moment memorable.



A line of extra-virgin olive-oil produced from an autochthonous cultivar in a terrain that is ideally suited to the cultivation of olives.


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