12 January 2021

Giuseppe Bursi confirmed as president of Sicilian wine cooperative Cantine Settesoli

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Giuseppe Bursi, president of Cantine Settesoli from 2017 – 2020, has been confirmed by the Shareholders as head of the winery until December 2023. Out of a total number of 1584 shareholders with voting rights, the number of effective voters was 960; the outgoing president won with the extraordinary count of 700, followed by one of the two vice presidents in office, Antonino Scirica, with 656 votes, and Giuseppe Antonio Bilà with 642.

Giuseppe Bursi’s re-election is an important sign of appreciation, assuring the continuity of an administration that has brought important results in terms of management, economics and image. Continuity is a fundamental aspect for this winery founded in 1958 and which now counts 6000 hectares of vineyards managed by 2000 partners who grow 34 national and international varieties of grapes: an enormous social responsibility that must necessarily be supported by a clear and long-term vision, aimed at enhancing the environment, strengthening tourism (recent partnership with the Sicilian tour operator Aeroviaggi) and ensuring organic management of the vineyards. 


Giuseppe Bursi affirms: “Despite the grave situation we are currently in due to the pandemic, the action plan that the Board of Directors put in place has made it possible to face this crisis. Our goal has been and will be to give recognition and value to the corporate brands Settesoli, Mandrarossa and Inycon, building familiarity with the brands and facilitating sales dynamics. We will be faithful to the four fundamental principles that have guided our choices in the past three years, and which have proven to be successful: sustainability and respect for the environment, excellence, accessibility, and the importance given to organic vine cultivation




The effectiveness of this approach is proven by the financial report (1 July 2019 - 30 June 2020), presented yesterday during the Shareholders' Meeting.


Cantine Settesoli's sales figures for the aforementioned period show the consolidation of the company brands’ revenue for the organized distribution channels, with a constant increase in the average price compared to last year.

On the other hand, the effects of the Covid 19 pandemic blocked sales in the Ho.re.ca channel both in Italy and in the world with a reduction in revenue from March to June 2020; the losses have been contained through online sales and the use of e-commerce platforms for marketing in Italy and the rest of the world.

Last year’s sales volume has also been consolidated on the international market. There has been growth in terms of quality, consistent with the company’s mission, reflecting the positive results achieved for the Settesoli and Inycon brands.


Giuseppe Bursi continues: “The company is focusing its resources and its commitment in seizing all the opportunities offered by the good sales trend in the Off Trade channel, both in Italy and abroad, particularly in the organic and high-end wine market: we firmly believe that these activities guarantee us a better allocation of production and a more adequate recognition of the value of the grapes conferred by our members. To achieve these results, the management must remain faithful to its path, which must aim at three main objectives: strengthen competitiveness by conquering new market positions at more profitable prices; control the dynamics of management costs by implementing more incisive processes to rationalize them; and ensure continuity in orienting new varietal plans, in order to achieve a fair balance between production needs and remuneration recognized by the market”.


Here is the program of the new Board of Directors starting from the first months of 2021:

  • The development of new projects related to wine tourism and the enhancement of the territory: work for the construction of the new Mandrarossa Winery, a magnificent structure overlooking the sea of Menfi dedicated exclusively to the production of wines belonging to Cantine Settesoli’s top brand
  • The development of a new sales network for Mandrarossa wines throughout the country 
  • Particular attention to the increase in sales on the US market for Mandrarossa wines which will be entrusted to a dedicated professional figure
  • A strong and shared commitment to investing resources to increase the area covered by organic vineyards, because sustainability and respect for the environment are - and increasingly will be - the values guiding the choices of Cantine Settesoli
  • A new project dedicated to Vermentino, a variety with an enormous potential that can give excellent results in the area of Menfi.


I would like to thank the people who have renewed their trust in the entire board and in those who, as part of it, have chosen to lend their work for the common good”, says President Giuseppe Bursi. “Our winegrowers have rewarded effective management, one that is close to their actual needs but also strategically oriented towards the future, characterized by strong founding values and a great desire to achieve important goals in terms of production, sales and image. The strength of Cantine Settesoli lies within being a great community with deep historical roots and an environmental and cultural heritage that is unique in the world; and as the board, we have chosen to do our part in protecting, enhancing and bringing forth the most precious and uncontaminated resource that we have inherited: our land

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