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We are a Sicilian winegrowing cooperative of 2.000 farmers who believe in the value of the community, in the quality of the wines that they produce and in the economic, social and environmental wellbeing generated by teamwork, since 1958. We cultivate the widest variety of grapes in Sicily: 30 different cultivars on six-thousand hectares of land, which represent 7% of vineyards on the island.

We are a global company that invests in the young future generations, which takes care of the vineyards respecting the environment while being a pioneer in research, technology and quality to guarantee valuable grapes, income for the partners and excellent wines for the consumers.

We promote economic development for an entire territory, which spans from Menfi (AG) to Montevago and Santa Maria di Belìce including three provinces: we involve 70% of the families that live in this part of South-Western Sicily in a cooperation process that brings together many winegrowers of a unique vineyard.

We were founded in 1958, in Menfi, the same year “Il Gattopardo” by Tommasi di Lampedusa was published, the historic Sicilian novel that mentions a feud called Settesoli. An important estate used by Calogero Sedara for his daughter Angelica’s wedding with Tancredi, the nephew of the Prince of Salina: the same feud we named our company after and same lands featured in the book, are also the backdrop of our daily life. Here, you can relive a history dating back to the Sicanians and the ancient Greeks: to this day, our vineyards surround the ruins of Selinunte, the largest archeological park in Europe, and were also responsible for raising funds destined to promote this jewel of our territory making it profitable.

Our winegrowers invest in the vineyard and together we invest in the organization, which in Sicily means investing in innovation: shifting the wine sector from a strictly farming and static connotation to a global vision of the company, guided by knowledgeable managers that pay careful attention to developing the young employees who have travelled the world and have returned to Sicily to promote the community.

We chose to follow the road to quality: there is constant communication between the agronomists and the partners, who are guided during all phases of the field work in order to obtain the best results from our grapes, from our soil and climate characteristics of our vineyards. This process protects the wine growers, the wines we produce and the territory we live in. We were the first Italian wine company to certify the traceability of the entire production chain, from the vineyard (in which all phases are monitored, to protect the environment and the quality of the product) to the wineries (where we invested on energy efficiency and where we have one of the largest photovoltaic plants in the wine-producing sector in Italy).

Sustainability is in our DNA: together we help each other, support each other, and together we contributed to preserving the quality of the vine.

We are pioneers in research: our wine-producing estates rely on traditional Mediterranean vine varieties and on recently imported cultivars, always paying close attention to innovation. We have always invested in technology and collaborated with prestigious universities and researchers from all over the world, to improve the quality of the grapes and to produce unique local wines. Each year, for example, we do a geo-located harvest at night of the delicate white grapes, to preserve their quality and aroma.

The quality of our wine is certified by the numerous awards received over the years: “Winery of the year” for the excellent price/quality ratio; “Premio Sodalitas” for the efforts in social responsibility supporting the territory; “Tre Bicchieri” from Gambero Rosso awarded to Mandrarossa Cartagho and to Timperosse, just to mention a few.

Our wines are distributed in Italy and overseas with the Settesoli, Mandrarossa and Inycon brands produced from selected grapes in the areas they come from, integrating the local culture, traditional methods and technological innovation. We also collaborate with large international retailers, always producing the best and selling quality wines worldwide with exclusive brands and private labels.

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E-mail: puntovendita@cantinesettesoli.it

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